How do we lock in a booking with you?

We find Himalayan Messenger Pigeons to be the most accurate form of date booking. If you have run out and don't have any on hand, then the next best way is through this website on the 'Contact Us' page. Facebook is also another way to book in a date and have a chat. From there we will grab your details and send you a booking confirmation and invoice via email.

Can we organise a time to meet before the Wedding Day?

Yes, of course! A phone call, catch-up at our studio or a cafe/bar are all great options so we can meet face to face. If this isn't available (if you're from interstate/overseas) we can always Skype or Facetime. The joys of the internet!

Do you check out venues & locations before our Wedding?

Yes, to some degree. We have been to quite a few venues over the years now and if we haven't been to the hidden gem you've found we will always go out and snoop around.

Is there a contract we have to sign?

Yes, there is a standard contract that will be sent through at the time of your booking and of course, if you have any questions regarding it we are here to help answer any queries you may have.

How long do we have you for on the day?

We like to say, "We'll be there from Dawn to the D floor". Which means we will most likely start with the groom and his groomsmen around 10ish in the morning then progress to the 'Bride to Be' and her bridesmaids. Then the ceremony, reception and off to the dance floor! Nothing is missed throughout the day because it is, of course, called your Wedding DAY!...Not your wedding 6 hours.

I'm really awkward / camera shy. What can I do?

This is one of the most common things we get from couples. No one is ever awkward when they feel comfortable with their photographer, that's why we are here!! Luckily we resemble the plushiest of beanbags made from real cashmere from small villages in Scotland. In other words we are good at making you feel comfortable. We focus on natural, candid style of photography so throughout the day just be you and we will capture that. At location shots, no one can be expected to behave like professional models but you'll be surprised how easy and fun it will be on the day. So many emotions in the air to find a cute smile, cheeky smirk or laughter comes easily.

What happens if the weather takes a turn for the worse?

Luckily as kids we all watched Captain Planet and since then harnessed their powers, earth, wind, fire, water and heart. But since being bathed in radioactive waste in our teen years we've lost the powers but what we haven't lost is being able to adapt to different situations. If you're happy to jump out in the rain we would love to capture that. Some of our favourite photos have been in the rain - trust us rain and wedding photos look amazing. It opens up a whole new world of photo opportunities. We are also armed with umbrellas.

What is the best time of day to factor in our location shoots?

The best time for location shots is when the sun is a little lower, closer to that 'golden hour'. During the middle of the day through to mid-afternoon when the sun is at its highest can be a bit of a pain. It tends to cast some pretty harsh unflattering shadows resulting in squinty photos and very bright & highly contrasted skin tones. Late afternoon tends to be the best time for photos particularly the last hour before sunset. If you’d like to chat to us about getting the most of out your photos/day, please do.

Do you require a meal on the day?

If possible that would be amazing! It's a long day and a quick meal whilst you guys are having your dinner whether it be out the back, at the bar, out the front (wherever), gives us that sustinance we need to power through the rest of your amazing evening!

What if you are sick on the day?

Great question! We will still be there, we may be wearing a mask or hazmat suit but we will make every effort to be there. To this day, we've never had a sick day or had to cancel on anyone and we never plan on doing so. If we ever run into an unavoidable issue we have back up photographers who we work closely with and highly recommend. We will still edit all photos if this ever happens.

Should we provide you with a shot list of the day?

Family photo lists are great and a small list of ‘must haves’ is, of course, welcomed. We tend to shoot in a photo-journalistic fashion which means that we capture the day as it flows naturally. A super strict shot by shot list really takes the spontaneity out of it and hinders the ability to get naturally creative as we usually do. By all means send on through some examples of shots you like, but hopefully, the reason for booking us is because you love what we do anyway.

What sort of equipment do you use?

In our arsenal of photography cameras we use Canon 5D MarkIII and 5D MarkIV bodies and a wide range of Canon's L series lenses (which is their highest quality lenses). Along with remote flashes, triggers and LED screens. The majority of our lenses are Prime lenses and they are our favourite as they encourage us to think outside the box and really think about the composition of each image. You can check out all the details on this page: Our Gear

Can you provide a photo booth service?

Unfortunately not. Of course we will be roaming around on the D floor so think of us as a 'Roaming Photo-booth'.

How many images can I expect at the end of the day

Roughly 500-800 high resolution images, carefully edited by the hands of the great artisans. You may keep, share, copy, print or post to everyone on social media saying how amazing your photos are and watching you hit 300+ likes (actual likes may differentiate). No watermarks, no encryptions, they are yours forever!

Do we get the raw digital images from the day?

Nien! We are impressed you know what RAW images are but not impressed enough to give you our RAW images of the day. We put a great deal of effort into the editing process to ensure that your photos are presented as best as they can to remain consistent throughout the day.

When can we expect to receive our photos?

We always place a couple of shots up on our various social media platforms the next day so that you & your friends/family have something to admire straight away. We will send you a few teaser shots the following day as well, depending on time (we shoot a lot of double wedding weekends). After that, you can usually expect your edited images back within 2-4 weeks (depending on time of year). We spend a great deal of time editing your photos and don't like to release sub-par images. We will, of course, keep you up to date as to how they are doing and when you will receive them.