Having the right camera gear for a wedding day sounds obvious right? 

Like many wedding photographers we have all the fancy lenses and camera body’s to ensure we capture the best image possible… but what are we ACTUALLY using.. And why? 



So many cameras!  Why do we use TWO cameras we hear you ask? For many reasons, firstly we put a different lens on each camera so we can shoot quicker and more efficiently. Secondly, and most obviously, if we have a total camera failure we have a second one ready to go! 


What are L series lenses?  - These are Cannon’s PREMIUM range of lenses, they shoot quicker, shoot clearer, shoot wider (aperture) and of course cost the most! #toysfortheboys


Why the Canon camera? - Canon is known in the industry as a ‘workhorse’, these bad boys have been around forever, they can be heavier and bigger than other cameras, but we take that as ‘robust’, afterall, they get knocked around a fair bit over the wedding seasons. 


Hard Drives, do you back up my wedding? Hell yes we do, we always have your wedding on two external hard drives to ensure if one fails, we still have your day on another hard drive. Once we deliver your wedding and have it on your personal online gallery we STILL keep both copies on our two hard drives, when the hard drives get full, we buy more. Never delete. 


.. So in short, we found an excuse to tell our girlfriends why we need to spend lots of money on fun toys, its all for our couples… seriously.

Travis & Benny Weddings GEAR (8 of 8).jp