Travis & Benny Wedding Photographers
Travis & Benny Wedding Photographers
Travis & Benny Wedding Photographers
Travis & Benny Wedding Photographers

​We are two great mates based in Adelaide, South Australia who have the same passion... that is blending into the crowd at weddings and capturing all the candid moments you had no idea were even happening. We're not the type of photographers that are going to make you stand there shifting your chin down 1.3mm to the left, we're the photographers that'll make you not only look amazing but you'll be laughing naturally. 


You think you're awkward in front of the camera? You just haven't met the right photographers yet! That's where we step in. And by step in, I mean glide in ever so elegantly on unicorns. All our photos come with an 'Insta-worthy' guarantee ;)

Our story telling style of photography makes everything flow so nicely with all the candid amazing moments from your big day. You know those smiles where everyone's looking at your drunk Auntie on the D floor (there's always one drunk Auntie on the D floor). Those kind of moments. 

Ones where your almost husband is smiling at you walking down the aisle or wiping away a tear - those are the kind of moments that we live for! Did we mention that we meet up with all of our clients as many times as needed? Sometimes the stress of a wedding can build up and guess who's good to vent to and ask questions about anything wedding related? A Psychologist...No! The other 'P' word. Photographer! 


We've been to many, many, many weddings, we know what works, we know how long things take, we help setup timelines for the day. Apart from your bridesmaids and groomsmen, your photographer is with you 95% of the day so make sure you choose someone you like and makes you smile. Give us a hoy, don't be shy :)


Hey all! We just want to say a HUGE Thank You to all of our couples that took the time to review us...WE WON! We are both absolutely ecstatic about winning and feel honoured to have the label SA's Wedding Photographers of the year! 

We cannot wait to capture all our upcoming weddings!!

Much Love,

Travis & Benny

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